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May 16, 2018

Metromile is Pay Per-Mile Car Insurance Company

Metromile Introducing Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Car insurance company and Metromile based on how much you drive and Pay a low base rate then just pennies per mile. READ MORE.

Drive less, pay less

Pay-per-mile insurance costs less because it’s based on how many miles you drive. If you spend less time behind the wheel, you spend less money on insurance.

How per-mile insurance works

With pay-per-mile insurance, you pay a low monthly base rate plus a few cents per mile when you drive. At the end of the month, your bill is your base rate plus how many miles you drove at your per-mile rate. Just like with other insurance companies, [...]

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May 16, 2018

Pteet is Rental Car Damage Protection Insurance in USA

No need to worry about mishaps when traveling. The Rental Car Damage Protector provides up to $40,000 in primary coverage for just $9 per day – in case the rental car is damaged, stolen, or needs to be replaced. Avoid outrageous prices at the rental counter and enjoy no out of pocket expenses such as a deductible. READ MORE.